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Contact: Cal Chute

New Company SafeSharp LLC, Developer of Gel to Dissolve Syringe Needles and Destroy its Pathogens, is Entering its Initial Fundraising Period.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Oct. 3, 2016 — A new company with a global safety and environmental mission, SafeSharp LLC, is announcing its initial fundraising period commences October 3, 2016, to bring its breakthrough technology to market.

SafeSharp is entering its initial public fundraising round, to fund additional patents and to begin field testing of the SafeSharp Dissolver Gel and optimal delivery methods.

 “The current medical waste management methods appear to be effective, but the problem is that medical sharps – and any harmful pathogens they may carry (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C) – remain intact and are prone to accidental injuries long after they’ve been placed in a medical sharps waste container” said Cal Chute, CEO of SafeSharp LLC. “Because of this, healthcare workers and waste management employees are subject to life-threatening injuries. This same threat extends to the general public, as we see news reports of syringes and other medical waste washing up on our shoreline, also known as ‘syringe tides’.” Cal Chute concludes: “The problem doesn’t end when the medical sharp is placed in the waste container, as most people think. By including the SafeSharp Dissolver Gel in medical sharps waste containers, harmful pathogens are immediately destroyed and metal on the medical sharps (needles, razors, etc.) are dissolved – right after their use. This eliminates all downstream personal health and environmental risks and hazards caused by the medical sharps.”

“The SafeSharp Dissolver compound is effective in quickly dissolving medical sharps such as needles and syringes, and has the ability to eliminate accidental and hazardous punctures after disposal” according to Shaun Moshasha, Founder of Charlottesville Open Bio Labs.

SafeSharp is inviting the public to consider the impact of the health, safety, and environmental issues surrounding used medical sharps, and visit our website at to learn more and participate in our crowdfunding campaign.

About the SafeSharp Dissolver

The SafeSharp Dissolver contains patented active ingredients to immediately destroy harmful pathogens and quickly dissolve the stainless steel in medical sharps such as needles, syringes, and scalpels.  The Dissolver Gel aims to eliminate medical sharps and the pathogens they carry, immediately after their use, thereby eliminating the associated risks and extreme hazards to our health, safety, and environment.

SafeSharp anticipates that its unique formulation of the SafeSharp Dissolver Gel will be delivered in medical sharps waste containers, commonly found throughout healthcare facilities. Consistent with the standard disposal process, a medical sharp is placed in a sharps waste container containing the SafeSharp Dissolver Gel.  The Dissolver Gel makes contact with the medical sharp (such as the needle on a syringe) as it is put into the waste container, immediately destroying the life-threatening pathogens and activating the dissolver.  Within an hour the metal sharp dissolves.

About SafeSharp LLC

SafeSharp’s mission is to protect the public and their loved ones from the harmful and life-threatening pathogens found on used medical sharps such as syringes, needles, and scalpels.  Join us on our mission to improve our health, safety, and environment -- please support the use of the SafeSharp Dissolver Gel on all medical sharps. SafeSharp LLC is based in Charlottesville, Virginia USA.