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The SafeSharp Dissolver Gel

What Is The SafeSharp Dissolver Gel?

The SafeSharp Dissolver Gel contains patented active ingredients that immediately destroys harmful pathogens and quickly dissolve the stainless steel in medical sharps such as needles, syringes, and scalpels.  The Dissolver Gel aims to eliminate medical sharps and the pathogens they carry, immediately after their use, thereby eliminating the associated risks and extreme hazards to our health, safety, and environment.

How is it used?

The unique formulation of the gel is delivered in medical sharps waste containers.
Following the standard disposal process, a medical sharp is placed in a sharps waste
container.  The SafeSharp Dissolver Gel makes contact with the medical sharp as it is
put into the waste container, immediately destroying the life-threatening pathogens
and activating the dissolver.  Within an hour the metal sharp dissolves.

Our lab tests of the active ingredients at Charlottesville Open Bio Labs have verified
the metal on the medical sharps dissolve completely, eliminating the medical sharps
and solving the health, safety, and environmental hazards.  

After destroying harmful pathogens and dissolving used medical sharps, the
SafeSharp Dissolver Gel turns a dark color, indicating it has reached its full capacity
of use. In commercial use, a medical sharps waste container contains the proper
‚Äčamount of gel to cover the medical sharps, with the capacity to remain an active disinfecting agent and dissolver for the number of medical sharps that the waste container holds.

Is The Dissolver Gel a New Product?

The product is in bench stage, which means that is has been tested in its initial formulation and has been demonstrated regularly.  SafeSharp LLC will be licensing this patented formulation to healthcare and waste management providers.  Interested organizations should contact SafeSharp immediately.